Huge Carrier Contracts and The Best Direct Mail Leads in the Final Expense Sales Industry


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Final Expense Life Insurance Sales vs Term Life

Final Expense Sales vs Traditional Life Insurance Sales

Final expense sales is completely different than traditional life insurance sales. They don’t even come close in any comparison. I'm not just talking about one product being permanent and the other being temporary. One of the main differences is the quality of available leads for each market. Another difference is the renewals. Then there’s the target market! In this article “final expense sales vs traditional life insurance sales”, you will learn the difference between both markets so you can decide...

There are several way to sell final expense insurance

How To Sell Final Expense Insurance

Final expense life insurance is the easiest life insurance product to sell. Yes, that is a bold statement but a very true statement, if I don’t say so myself. When originally licensed, I sold mortgage protection life insurance. Coming from an industry like this, it was easy to learn how to sell final expense insurance. Mariana and I were used to selling term life insurance and universal life to people that were financially secure. These folks thought through their decisions...