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With final expense telephone sales, selling final expense has never been easier. No more driving around banging on doors! At UFES our agents have multiple leads options. It all depends on your intent, and what’s in your wallet! Final expense Facebook leads and direct mail leads still work but our Inbound TV Commercial Leads blow them away. Either way, we have different Final Expense Leads program options to chose from.

For the more serious agent, the Live Inbound TV Commercial leads are the best way to go. The closing rate is over 25% and average sales profits you around $1,000. We also have a FaceBook leas training platform so you can learn how to generate your own High Intent leads.

Either way, when you join our team, you’ll have access to it all. Final Expense Lead programs, sales training, and access to all the top carriers with some very high commissions! We believe that commitment is the key to success. Whether you’re on a budget, or whether you can afford to invest into your final expense telephone sales business like a real business, we have the platform for you.

If you have talent on the phone, don’t be shy. Get into final expense telephone sales today and learn how to earn more money than 90% of the entire US work force.

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