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Selling Insurance – The Ultimate Guide for New Insurance Agents

Selling Insurance - Everything You Need For Success The number one reason to switch gears and get into the insurance business is the Passive Income Stream that comes with our industry. However, that’s just the beginning! It is extremely important that you know exactly how to enter our industry and have immediate success, “without going through the pain and struggles that most of us had to go through”. Selling insurance isn’t that complicated or difficult. You'll need to have all the...

Final expense sales lifetime passive income stream

Financial Freedom Through a Lifetime Passive Income Stream

Final Expense Sales as a Lifetime Passive Income Stream One of the things we all want, is to have money coming in while doing as little work as possible, or while doing something that we love to do. Creating financial freedom through a lifetime, passive income stream, is a dream for most of us yet, it’s actually not that difficult of an achievement to accomplish. In this article, we’re going to go over everything you will need to do, in order...

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The Mortgage Protection Scam

Allow me to start with saying, yes, the mortgage protection sales scam is real, and yet, it's kind of silly. Is the title click bait? Hmm, okay, maybe just a little bit! Mortgage protection insurance is a very real product, and it's important to have. Insuring the bread winner of the family is important, especially when there is a mortgage in play. The way that insurance marketing organizations are marketing the sales of this product is pretty questionable though. Most...