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We Share Our Techniques for Selling Final Expense Plans

At United Final Expense Services, our objective is to do everything possible to get our agents trained up and selling Final Expense Life Insurance as soon as humanly possible. The ability to shortcut through the learning curve can be the difference between failure and success. This is why our main focus is on training. Without a strong training program, you’ll end up on YouTube looking for help.

As a contracted agent, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the final expense sales industry through our advance training programs, training videos, and weekly training zoom mettings/calls. Having access to your own personal trainer will come in handy too, especially when you’re with a prospect and need an underwriting assessment.



Without quality training, success will never be within reach. That’s why it’s important to have a system in place that teaches our agents to deal with every aspect of final expense sales.



Our agents have access to every type of final expense lead imaginable. I prefer using the direct mail leads that mention affordable Life Insurance right on the card.



I personally enjoy teaching agents the methods that I use when in the field. Our sales system and lead management is why I am one of the highest producing agents in the industry and have other top producers that we work with.


Insight and Analysis of the Final Expense Sales Industry

When it comes to selling final expense life insurance, there is more than one way to skin a cat

The trick is to be prepared for market changes and to be able to move with the flow without interruption. In these times, we see industries changing constantly. Insurance agents having to switch directions every year. There are more and more health insurance agents that are moving into life insurance and final expense sales. We see other licensed professionals working in our market every single year. Let’s face it, the final expense sales industry is big and it’s only going to grow.

Every year, about a million people turn 50 years old in the US alone

That means a million potential new clients every single year. If you think about it, the final expense industry may actually be just getting started. The trick is to be in it and set up for the long haul. Our industry has already started to change over the past few years. More and more people are making final expense sales over the phone and using the internet for marketing towards potential clients. I read somewhere that about half of the life insurance sales last year were made over the phone.

This tells me that our industry is changing

As far as I’m concerned, it’s important to be flexible in order to make the necessary changes directed towards the future. That is why we are open to selling final expense life insurance through several lead sources and marketing techniques. This is also why we don’t just sell face to face, but we do it over the phone too. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a tougher sale over the phone, but with the different types of leads that are available in our market, it’s totally doable. Yes, I have even made some sales over the phone myself. Even though I am a field agent, I have been known to make an occasional dial or two.

As far as selling final expense life insurance, face to face, there are only a few agents that can keep up with my numbers

That’s because the final expense sales system that we use works! It’s been time tested and is used by some of the highest producing agents in the country. I have made changes over the years in many aspects of the sales process, and am willing to share them with you. We are constantly adding or changing the sales process. This is how we stay ahead of competing markets.

As our industry changes towards technology, I truly believe that it is important to be able to keep up with these changes as they occur

This is one thing that we are good at. Our final expense sales training process is all about keeping agents up to date with industry and marketing strategies. You can sign up for our newsletter as this will also help you stay in the loop. It’s a free source that anyone can have access to. I believe in helping the entire industry. By doing this, we will be able to stay ahead of the curve and can be paid back, 10 fold.

The one thing that I don’t believe will change too much is the need for face to face final expense life insurance agents

As far as I’m concerned, as the nation changes and technology grows, the good old-fashioned door knocker will always have his place. If you think about it, some people are different than others and that shows in the different types of leads that we use.

Okay, look at it this way...

I know that there are certain people that will never take a call from a marketer. These people might just fill out a direct mail lead card and mail it in. There are people that won’t mail in lead cards that will take a call from a marketer. Also, there are people that will not do either, but they will fill out a little form that they see on a website in reference to burial insurance quotes. You see, there is definitely more than one way to skin a cat. Don’t forget about the folks that won’t do any of the above, yet, when you knock on their door, they will invite you right on in.

Something that I like to talk about is how there are many ways to make a presentation

I have my way, and you may be very successful with doing it another way. As mentioned before, we use a sales presentation that was passed down and is used by many successful agents today. When it comes down to it, the presentation has to be done correctly. I have seen life insurance agents with years of sales experience make a terrible presentation that just doesn’t make sense. Their body language is all wrong and their voice fluctuation is terrible. This is why it’s important to have good training. Even a seasoned agent can pick up something new just from watching one of our videos. I personally like to work with and train all of our agents. Come to Florida and ride with me. I also like to sell outside of Florida and tend to travel a few times a year for the sole purpose of meeting other agents and making some sales. I think the southern states are a little easier to sell in compared to Florida and that’s another reason to travel.

Let’s face it, the final expense sales industry is a traveling game

I usually work in cities that are two plus hours away from home. This is the norm for a final expense agent. There are some areas that are better to sell in than others. This is another reason why it’s important to learn the business from someone that knows it. There is nothing worse than ordering final expense sales leads in an area that just happens to be the wrong place to market in. Understandable, there is common sense that just does not apply to our market. There are agents in Miami and Fort Lauderdale that think we live in the best place in the country to sell final expense. That sounds like a common sense notion since there are more seniors that retire in South Florida than pretty much anywhere in the country.

The problem is that this kind of thinking is completely wrong for the face to face market

You see, here in South Florida, we have a big city mentality that effects everyone especially agents making final expense sales. There is a lot of traffic on the roads. Sometimes it takes me 10 minutes to drive a couple miles. People are honking their horns and yelling at each other. Then there are the phone calls. Someone is calling us every single day, trying to sell us something. Today, I had someone call and ask for someone else. I said he had the wrong number and he proceeded to ask me to donate money to a charity. Then there are the door knockers. Every time someone knocks on my door, the first thing I wonder is “what do they want to sell me”. We have people knocking on the door to sell us alarms, lawn treatments, handy man work, and satellite television and internet systems.

Insurance scams! There’s a lot more crime in a big city than in a small towns

The problem is that our big city clients are constantly being told of a crime that just happened and how there are all sorts of con artists out there trying to rip everyone off. Unfortunately, seniors are targeted by a lot of these low life criminals. Any time you get a group of seniors in a room together, they are going to talk about how so and so got robbed. These folks are taught to never give out their social security number. They’re also concerned about giving out their personal information and told to never give out their checking account information. Let’s face it, seniors are getting ripped off more than anyone. As far as I’m concerned, what we do and how we do it, is important. I had a lady tell me yesterday how she trusted someone last year and they ripped her off of over a thousand dollars. This stuff all adds up and is why working in the area that we live in, is not nearly as feasible as driving a few hours away. Besides, I like to see a little country and to get in my driving/thinking time. Oh, and I hate traffic.