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Mortgage Protection Sales

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The Mortgage Protection Scam

Allow me to start with saying, yes, the mortgage protection sales scam is real, and yet, it's kind of silly. Is the title click bait? Hmm, okay, maybe just a little bit! Mortgage protection insurance is a very real product, and it's important to have. Insuring the bread winner of the family is important, especially when there is a mortgage in play. The way that insurance marketing organizations are marketing the sales of this product is pretty questionable though. Most...

Mortgage Protection Sales Elephant

Mortgage Protection Sales Vs Final Expense

What's best, Final Expense or Mortgage Protection? Do you like daytime activity or are you totally cool with taking mostly evening appointments? Would you like to sell life insurance to financially responsible people who are difficult to sell/close, or would you rather target market to fixed income seniors who are barely getting by but are much easier to close? These are 2 of the questions that you'll need to ask yourself before choosing a market to work. The final expense and...