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Final Expense Telemarketing Leads – What You Need To Know!

This article goes over some very important info on final expense telemarketing leads 1. What is a TM lead? 2. Why telemarketing leads are great for FE sales 3. Illegal TM Leads BEWARE 4. Where to work them 5. Different types of TM leads 6. Why they vary in price 7. The return on investment ratio 8. Working TM's as a primary lead 9. How to effectively work them 10. What is the best quality TM lead? 11. Where to get final expense telemarketing leads What are final expense telemarketing leads? A TM...

Final Expense Agent making sales presentation

It’s important to have a strong final expense presentation.

How important is it, to have a strong final expense presentation? A strong final expense presentation will make it possible for you to make more sales and will make it easier for you to build rapport. It will make it easier for you close more sales therefore, you will get less objections to overcome. Your life in our industry will be easier with a strong presentation than without. So yes, it's extremely important to make a strong presentation in every home...

The final expense market

The Final Expense Market is Easy to Work

What's so great about the final expense market? The final expense market is actually one of the easiest industries to work and sell in. If you have the right work ethic, you can make a six figure income. We primarily sell during the day time so we're usually home in time for dinner, unlike with Mortgage Protection. The products are easy to learn. The underwriting is simplified so there are no medical exams. That’s not to say that you won’t need...