Huge Carrier Contracts and The Best Direct Mail Leads in the Final Expense Sales Industry


Final Expense Facebook Leads

Success with final expense agent leads

Final Expense Agent Leads – Success Selling Final Expense

With Final Expense Agent Leads, a Six Figure Income is Totally Doable Final expense life insurance sales has become very popular over the last few years. Anyone with a life insurance license knows what I’m talking about. As a licensed insurance agent, you’re constantly getting approached by Insurance Marketing Organizations. You're reading things online about how profitable and easy final expense sales is. Yes, for the right person, with the right work ethic, selling final expense can be very lucrative. Especially...

Facebook Gastos Finales Leads En Espanol

Gastos Finales Facebook Leads en Español es ahora un Boom!

Facebook Leads para vender Seguros de Vida para Gastos Finales se ha convertido en una herramienta extremadamente valiosa, si lo trabajas correctamente. Por que? 1st El Precio de los facebook leads son accessibles.  2nd Son leads muy poderosos y eficientes. 3rd Tienen un alto percentage para cerrar ventas. Hoy por hoy, la mayoría de las personas de la 3rd edad tienen acceso a un smart phone que les da la posibilidad de contactarse con amigos y familiars a través de una...

Final expense Facebook leads vs Direct Mail Leads

Facebook Leads vs Direct Mail Leads

When it comes to final expense leads, nothing beats the Direct Mail lead. At least, that is the old "tried-and-true" lead. Over the years, direct mail has been used to sell more final expense life insurance than any other type of lead. I've always referred to direct mail as "King" however, things have recently started to change. On a daily basis, more and more seniors are going online to play on Facebook. With over 214 million users in the US,...

Final Expense Facebook Leads for agents

Final Expense Facebook Leads

Final expense Facebook leads have become an extremely valuable tool for selling final expense life insurance and burial insurance. They tend to catch the attention of seniors that are interested in taking care of their final expenses and not just hoping to find something for free. They can also get you in front of prospects who you might not see, if it weren’t for this type of lead. This article will cover everything from how to generate Facebook final expense...