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Go do some final expense telephone sales

Insurance Sales – Final Expense – How to Become a Top Producer

Did you know that less than 10% of the American Work Force will make over $100,000 this year? One of the things I love about final expense sales, is that our industry allows the right person, with the right work ethic, to be in that top 10% of income earners. In this article, I’m going to share with you exactly what it will take, Soup to Nuts, for you to be super successful. That way you can be part of...

Lifetime income stream financial freedom

Is Final Expense Telephone Sales for you?

Final Expense Telephone Sales is a great way to earn over $100,000 per year, for the right person! In this article we’re going over all the basics to final expense telephone sales. Soup to nuts! In other words, we’ll be covering a lot of information, so if you’re thinking about selling final expense life insurance over the phone, this article is for you. Beware, there are a lot of companies that will take advantage of you. There's a lot of agencies...

Success with final expense agent leads

Final Expense Agent Leads – Success Selling Final Expense

With Final Expense Agent Leads, a Six Figure Income is Totally Doable Final expense life insurance sales has become very popular over the last few years. Anyone with a life insurance license knows what I’m talking about. As a licensed insurance agent, you’re constantly getting approached by Insurance Marketing Organizations. You're reading things online about how profitable and easy final expense sales is. Yes, for the right person, with the right work ethic, selling final expense can be very lucrative. Especially...

Final expense sales lifetime passive income stream

Financial Freedom Through a Lifetime Passive Income Stream

Final Expense Sales as a Lifetime Passive Income Stream One of the things we all want, is to have money coming in while doing as little work as possible, or while doing something that we love to do. Creating financial freedom through a lifetime, passive income stream, is a dream for most of us yet, it’s actually not that difficult of an achievement to accomplish. In this article, we’re going to go over everything you will need to do, in order...

Facebook Gastos Finales Leads En Espanol

Gastos Finales Facebook Leads en Español es ahora un Boom!

Facebook Leads para vender Seguros de Vida para Gastos Finales se ha convertido en una herramienta extremadamente valiosa, si lo trabajas correctamente. Por que? 1st El Precio de los facebook leads son accessibles.  2nd Son leads muy poderosos y eficientes. 3rd Tienen un alto percentage para cerrar ventas. Hoy por hoy, la mayoría de las personas de la 3rd edad tienen acceso a un smart phone que les da la posibilidad de contactarse con amigos y familiars a través de una...

Final Expense Life Insurance Sales vs Term Life

Final Expense Sales vs Traditional Life Insurance Sales

Final expense sales is completely different than traditional life insurance sales. They don’t even come close in any comparison. I'm not just talking about one product being permanent and the other being temporary. One of the main differences is the quality of available leads for each market. Another difference is the renewals. Then there’s the target market! In this article “final expense sales vs traditional life insurance sales”, you will learn the difference between both markets so you can decide...

mlm final expense and mortgage protection

The Mortgage Protection Scam

Allow me to start with saying, yes, the mortgage protection sales scam is real, and yet, it's kind of silly. Is the title click bait? Hmm, okay, maybe just a little bit! Mortgage protection insurance is a very real product, and it's important to have. Insuring the bread winner of the family is important, especially when there is a mortgage in play. The way that insurance marketing organizations are marketing the sales of this product is pretty questionable though. Most...

seguro de gastos finales

¿Por qué no estás vendiendo seguro de gastos finales?

Si eres un vendedor talentoso, vender Seguros de Gastos Finales es una buena oportunidad! Es una venta facil. Hay muchos pros y contras como en cualquiere otra industria, ponle ganas y mucho trabajo, esto es una carrera. Vender seguros de vida es una necesidad. Por que? Porque es unico y ultimo regalo que un jubilado le puede dejar a su familia. Nosotros tenemos las herramientas necesarias para que seas exitoso en esta carrera.  Hoy la mayoria ellos cuentan  un un...

Final expense Facebook leads vs Direct Mail Leads

Facebook Leads vs Direct Mail Leads

When it comes to final expense leads, nothing beats the Direct Mail lead. At least, that is the old "tried-and-true" lead. Over the years, direct mail has been used to sell more final expense life insurance than any other type of lead. I've always referred to direct mail as "King" however, things have recently started to change. On a daily basis, more and more seniors are going online to play on Facebook. With over 214 million users in the US,...

There are several way to sell final expense insurance

How To Sell Final Expense Insurance

Final expense life insurance is the easiest life insurance product to sell. Yes, that is a bold statement but a very true statement, if I don’t say so myself. When originally licensed, I sold mortgage protection life insurance. Coming from an industry like this, it was easy to learn how to sell final expense insurance. Mariana and I were used to selling term life insurance and universal life to people that were financially secure. These folks thought through their decisions...

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