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It all began years ago as a captive Hartford life insurance agent!

Douglas Massi

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For several years, we worked with folks who had recently purchased homes. The need for Mortgage Protection Life Insurance was huge in the nineties and throughout the two thousands. When a breadwinner would pass away the family would be in chaos. This type of life insurance would assure that they could keep their homes and make life a little easier. As mortgage purchases started to dwindle, so did the need for the life insurance. This is when we started to look at other markets. The nice thing about being independent life insurance agents, is that we have access to the top Term and Universal Life Insurance carriers in the nation and are able to still help folks in need of this type of insurance.

In 2012 we made the decision to concentrate on the Florida senior market. It made a lot of sense to make this adjustment as living in South Florida, we are surrounded by seniors. And lots of them! What we didn’t know is that this industry is a lot more complex than what it appeared to be. The first thing we did was learn that most Insurance Marketing Organizations are simply incapable of being up front and honest about a lot of things. We got bad advice and had a hard time finding someone who actually knew our local market. Because of this, we had to pretty much learn everything on our own and almost failed out of the business. Thankfully, once we did push through the learning pains, we ended up winning multiple top producer awards as we figured out a breakthrough system for selling final expense that put us into the six figure bracket.

In 2014 Mariana Tirante and Douglas Massi incorporated United Final Expense Services so that we can teach others our breakthrough sales system. Today, we are a national agency specializing in getting independent life insurance agents up and trained ASAP. With our system, a newly licensed agent can be out in the field selling final expense on a face to face basis, within a few short weeks. Our training program is one of, if not the strongest in the Final Expense industry. With our one on one mentoring, video training and sales program, along with our daily training sessions, your chances for success are within reach. All you need is a strong work ethic along with the ability to learn the products and how they are sold.